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Nancy Thompson

Nancy Thompson Principal nancy_thompson@hcpss.org
Welcome to Talbott Springs Elementary School! It is with great pleasure that I continue to have the opportunity to serve the students and families in our school community. I am an educator who is fully committed to ensuring that you and your children are heard, valued and treated fairly at our school. After working several years as a Registered Nurse, I chose to return to school to earn my Master's Degree and my Teaching Certificate. I then spent many years teaching 4th and 5th grade with the Howard County Public School System. I really loved this time of my career! I was then an Assistant Principal at Stevens Forest Elementary I am now continuing Principal of Talbott Springs Elementary. I have found my home in our school community as I continue to meet children and their families. It is my deep desire to address the learning and emotional needs of each child while supporting professional growth and self-care for our staff members. I enjoy hearing the stories that staff and families bring to our midst and look forward to hearing more wonderful stories as the school year progresses. I appreciate the support of our families, the TSES PTA and the Oakland Mills and Owen Brown communities as we work together to provide the children that we share with guidance in learning and hope for the future. I am committed to listening to your feedback and your thoughts. Please feel free to contact me by phone or by email at nancy_thompson@hcpss.org.

Mariah Carr

Mariah Carr Assistant Principal mariah_carr@hcpss.org

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Community Superintendent

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Community Superintendent Area 3: Kendra V. Johnson, J.D., Ed.D.

Board of Education Representative

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TSES BOE Representative: Kirsten Coombs